Cuba urgently needs to modernize its economy

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Havana.- Lina Pedraza Rodríguez, Minister of Finance and Prices of Cuba, said at the 10th World Economic Forum on Latin America, celebrated in Mexico this month, that the country “urgently needs to modernize its economy so as to protect the achievements of the Cuban Revolution”.

Chinese firm to build golf resort in Cuba as U.S. tourism interest grows

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A Chinese company and the Cuban government have signed a letter of intent to build a golf course and resort, official media said on Friday, with an apparent eye to the eventual lifting of U.S. travel restrictions.

Special: The US embargo on Cuba still holds the “Yankees” tourism. Not for much longer

The US embargo on Cuba still prevents “Yankees” tourists traveling to the “forbidden island”. But despite this,  the wave of American citizens to go on holiday to Cuba is already moving.


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