Cuba: Good for private businesses the tourism boom

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Small private business already operating in the run-state Cuban tourism industry continue its expansion thanks to the boom of arrivals of foreign tourists in 2015.

Since the Cuban government began in 2010 to expand the private sector, 1,600 “paladares” (small private restaurants) opened its doors and more than 8000 rooms that the owners rent to tourists were founded. Since 2013 Cuba’s state-run tourism industry is increasingly doing business with the private entrepreneurs.

More recently the government said that thousands of now-state-run restaurants in Cuba will move into the private sector and be run by citizen owners in the next few years.

The Cuban Domestic Trade department put the number eateries being privatized at 9,0000 compared with 1,261 private family-run restaurants already operating.

After the announcement last December of a political thaw of Cuba and the United States, despite of the US 50 years old embargo, analysts expect that many Americans will spend their holidays in Cuba. Some forecasts indicate that a year after the embargo falls, would be a million Yankees who travel to the island.

Further, the arrival of tourists to Cuba rose 15 percent in the first quarter of 2015, after the historic announcement about the thaw. “The first quarter of this year has been great,” said Cuban minister Manuel Marrero during the opening of the Varadero Gourmet Festival at the resort peninsula located about 140 kilometers east of Havana. Marrero added he expects the rest of the year will be “very good” for tourism. Cuba received just over 3 million tourists in 2014.

In such a scenario of rapid increases in arrivals of foreign visitors the private sector can have a rapid development supported by the Cuban tourist boom.


Article selected from website: "Travel Trade Caribbean".

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