Tour Rules

CubaBookingRoom offers also one of the best Tours Services linked with your lodging and/or transportation bookings or independent from them. All your booking requests will be carefully attended by one of our travel agents, replying them as soon as possible (within 24 hours).

So far we collect online in advance a small amount of money to guarantee your reservation, through an excellent online payment platform, you´ll pay the rest directly to the tour guide in USD, EUR or other international currency accepted in Cuba (NOT in Cuban Peso)Once we agree all conditions and budget we will advise you how to do it. After completing payment you will receive by email a voucher as proof of confirmation of the requested service/s.

All online payments will be made in EUR - Euro currencyso we'll apply the official exchange rate in effect at that time. With this system you can feel safe, everything works perfectly.

All tour guides involved in these activities have Cuban government permission for this job and pay taxes.

A great advantage of booking with CubaBookingRoom is that you can save on tours expenses if you choose our services because we have very affordable prices and professional tour guides.


How to BOOK a Tour Service in CubaBookingRoom website?

Reservations requests will be made through the completion of the booking form we have implemented for each "tour" on the website or simply you can book a tour directly by e-mail. Fields marked with (*) are required. After introducing the required data, you must press the "Book & Wait Confirmation" button. We encourage all our visitors, whenever it is possible, make their reservations in advance as long as possible.

1- When we get the information you have submitted using the booking form or simply by sending a mail, a travel agent will immediately contact you back by e-mail within 24 hours with the purpose of verify you have read our booking rules and you are aware of the price/s of requested service/s.

2- You must send detailed information (origin name, address and/or any important information we should know) if needed in order to book the corresponding service/s.

3- You will receive by email a payment request, which contains the button to perform the online paymentThis button doesn't expire, so you always will be able to do the payment.

4- The booking confirmation by our agency will be notified by email, in which the Cuba Booking Room Voucher will be attached. It’s very important to print and show it to the tour guide as proof of your reservation and payment. If you don't have our Voucher, you have to contact us as fast as you can. We hope you don't have to do it.

5- After we send our confirmation voucher it's of Vital Importance your notification after receive it, only after that the booking process will be completed. We just need one sentence from you letting us know you got it.

If you want to contact us directly, you can write us to or call: +53-5-284-1741



You will pay the tour service/s requested using the online platform. We reserve and confirm the tour guide/s for you. Please if any change occurs, and your reservation is refundable contact us and we will refund the total amount of your money.

The tour guides, as payment for their services will demand/accept the confirmation voucher you received previously by e-mail. In our website all prices are in USD (US. Dollar). All online transactions are made using EUR (Euro).


By you, complete the online payment of the requested service/s.

By us, we will send a voucher with the contracted services. Remember to print it!


If any changes occurs which prevents carrying out your trip or just a last minute change of plans, you need to let us know before the last 72 hours of the service, so we can cancel it and refund your money, otherwise we charge 50% of it and will refund only the half of the money.


1- If you want to cancel a tour service previously booked within the last 72 hours before the service, we will charge 50% of the value of it and will refund only the half of the money.

2- If there is any problem with your airline which prevents you to use our tour service or simply a last minute change of plan, we will charge 100% of the value of it and no refund option is available. This is not the responsibility of the Agency or Tour Guide.