Tourism Minister of Bahamas in Havana

Havana.- The Tourism Minister of Bahamas, Obediah Wilchcome, fulfilled a program of bilateral meetings in Cuba , including a formal meeting with senior executives of Havanatur, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba and others, plus tours and contacts with other institutions, and tourist and cultural attractions.

Wilchcome and the Cuban Tourism Minister, Manuel Marrero held an official meeting with the aim of exchanging chances for multi-destinations for both nations, they said today officially.

According to a statement from the Cuban Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) such a meeting was beneficial for the parties.  Wilchcome is a member of the Parliament of his country and expressed interest in knowing about the recreational products of the tourism industry in this archipelago.

The Bahamian delegation was composed of the minister, seven directors and officers, and came to Cuba on Sunday 12th, to meet an invitation from the Cuban Tourism Ministry.

This event allows opening doors to the Caribbean multi-destination, with tangible benefits for all countries operating tourism in the area.


Article selected from website: "Travel Trade Caribbean".

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