Cuba: The number of cruise ships passengers increased last January

Havana.- According to Cuba’s National Statistics and Information Bureau (ONEI), the total number of travelers who reached Cuban ports during the first month of the year rose to 3,937 passengers. Cuban tourism authorities expect some 212 stopovers by 13 cruisers during the current season, which began in November and will last till April.

Last year, the Louis Cristal cruiser, rented out to the Louis group by the Canadian company Cuba Cruise, included the island in its itinerary for the first time and has scheduled a Monday departure from Havana and a Friday departure from Montego Bay for the season that began on December 22 last year. The ship will dock at six ports, including Santiago de Cuba and Cienfuegos, and trips will be offered until March 30.

The company announced a new itinerary for the 2015-2016 seasons which includes a two-day stop in Havana and a stopover at the Maria la Gorda beach in the province of Pinar del Rio.

The Canadian company offers a direct Toronto-Havana flight and transfers passengers to the Havana port, a semi-open door for hundreds of US travelers.

ONEI reports that some 371,160 tourists arrived in Cuba during the first month of 2015. Of these, 181,101 (48.8 percent) were Canadian. Canada continues to be the main tourism source country for Cuba.

Source: U.S. press


Article selected from website: "Travel Trade Caribbean".

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