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Are you looking for a Room for your vacations in Cuba? Here you can explore all our stock of Rooms, Houses, Appartments, BnB's, and filter them by several criteria. You will be able to order the results and many more features. Here you can browse all our listings and easily do your request for reservation. We'll reply as soon as possible with the CONFIRMATION of your request. Have a nice surfing around here!

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Location: Trinidad
Bedrooms: 2
Located in Patricio Lumumba (Cañada) # 39 e/ Fernando Hernandez Echerry (Cristo) & Ruben Martinez Villena (Real del Jigue), Trinidad.

Great location in the historic city center. Excellent comfort and decoration in the rooms, where you will find the the much desired peace. The owners have college level, they speak English.

Location: Varadero
Bedrooms: 3
Located in Via Rapida # 509 e/ 1st & 3rd, Santa Marta, Varadero.

Wide and comfortable house in the Santa Marta area. Your hosts are fluent in several languages which will be of great help.

Location: Bayamo
Bedrooms: 3
Located in Amado Estévez # 67 altos e/ 8 & A, Jesús Menéndez, Bayamo.

Hostal Bayamo, easy access to all the attractions of the city, natural attractions such as the River Bayamo and near the horse-drawn carriage ride.

Location: Viñales
Bedrooms: 2
Located in Rafael Trejo # 18A e/ Mariana Grajales & Joaquin Perez, Viñales.

One of the best houses to have a vacation with the Cuban family. Great comfort in the room, with all amenities. It has a large flower garden and fruit trees. Spectacular terrace with hammocks to enjoy the scenery of Viñales.

Location: Varadero
Bedrooms: 2
Located in Calle 18 # 202 esq. 2nd Ave., Varadero.

Nice and cozy chalet about 80m from the beach. Wide rooms with private entrance and the best facilities. Don’t miss the opportunity to book in this house.

Location: Baracoa
Bedrooms: 1
Located in José Martí # 393, Baracoa, Guantanamo.

Colonial House is a stunning property with a singular style just in front of the beach, with a beautiful terrace and a bay window.

Location: Guardalavaca
Bedrooms: 2
Located in Los Pozos # 263, Guardalvaca.

Beach House, with a spectacular terrace that invites you to relax and taste a delicious coffee. Tropical fruits at your hand, with just desire. Best for feeling the real Cuban flavor.

Location: Cienfuegos
Bedrooms: 5
Located in Calle 35 # 4215 e/ 42 & 44, Cienfuegos.

From the courtyard of the house you can see the beautiful sunsets on the bay while enjoying the delicious dinner served there.

Location: Varadero
Bedrooms: 3
Located in Calle 22 esq. 3rd ave., Varadero.

Great comfort in their rooms. One of the nicest Casas around Varadero. Beautiful garden of ornamental plants. Backyard with an awning for breakfast and dinner.

Location: Varadero
Bedrooms: 3
Located in Calle 58 # 212 e/ 2nd & 3rd, Varadero.

Luxurious and spacious house located in the residential area Josone. It is characterized by its beautiful gardens and vegetation that delight everyone who visits this house.

Location: Havana
Bedrooms: 4
Located in Calle 14 # 258 e/ 17 & 19 Vedado, Havana.

The true home of the Cuban family, located in the residential neighborhood of Vedado, with the unique opportunity to learn about our culture.

Location: Viñales
Bedrooms: 2
Located in Km 27 Carretera Puerto Esperanza e/ Jardin Botanico & Estacion de Policia, Viñales.

Here you will enjoy a marvelous garden of fruit trees, swimming pool, restaurant and a panoramic mountain view of the National Park. Professional service and completely natural atmosphere coupled with great comfort, this is what you need to delight your holidays.